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Kseniia’s knowledge of Studio Hair and Makeup for photoshoots allows a Fashion photographer to achieve the Artistic look you envisioned with less time spent editing in Photoshop. With the help of freelance photographers located in Bali, Kseniia will create high quality content that has customers queuing up to get their hands on your next collection!

Kseniia’s vast experience working on shoots means she will be able to contribute ideas based on real experience. For example: in the Studio, professional camera lighting and flash softens makeup by up to 50 per cent, making your skin appear more pale. Kseniia will apply more color to your Face, Eyes and Lips to avoid looking washed-out in the photographs.

Photographers do not want models with loads of foundation caked on, so all products are matte to avoid adding any shine to the Face, and to really make a picture pop-out Kseniia uses a range of bright-colored lippy’s with passionate shades and a bit of shine on the lips.

Artistic eyes are the focal point in most portraits, so Kseniia will make sure the Makeup really exaggerates your eyes, the bolder the color, the more defined the eyes will be! Kseniia invests in a clean Kit with quality Makeup Brushes and disposable, hygienic Brushes.

To avoid foundation ‘flash-back’, it’s best to avoid foundations which contain high SPF, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which can create a mask-like appearance. It’s also important to avoid HD powders under flash photography, which create the ugly white patches all over the Face. Kseniia will opt for a colored loose powder or regular powder compact.

Trained Hair Stylist Kseniia can blow-dry, braid, and style Hair, as well as cut, color, and highlight. If the shoot requires extensions or specialized tools, those skills are available.

Follow these Hair and Makeup tips when photographing, and you will end up with photoshoots that produce great images, satisfied subjects, and a happy photographer!

Artificial studio lighting exposes blemishes in skin that you would never notice in natural light. I can work with your team to make your model look flawless under any lighting condition.

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Whatever your project or occasion is, I am here to help. I work with my clients to bring their visions to life. Through hair & make-up, the energy and vibe of your model, bride, or talent comes to life. I’m an expert in all styles of modern makeup, and can recreate any type of mood you desire.

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Kseniia Make up Artist

When I am not on a shoot, you can find me at Baliprod!

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