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Whether you are looking for the ultimate natural look or the “I woke up like this” style, none of it comes without the wonders of hair & make-up. We will work together to create the look you desire for your lifestyle concept.

Location Hair and Makeup is best organised well in advance of your Wedding or Fashion shoot. Your Bali photoshoot will greatly benefit from simple attention to Hair and Makeup.

The island of Bali offers stunning locations for Ksenia to sprinkle her Makeup magic in front of the camera. Choose from glass chapels, Artistic pavilions, and exquisite Beaches to get those Beautiful pre-wedding images with stunning architectural details in the background. A picturesque experience is definitely worth a photo for your pre-Wedding album.

As you envision your completed Location video with Ksenia, ask yourself what overall look are you striving for? (for example, glamorous, upscale and sophisticated; or hip, young and wacky). Your Fashion style, Makeup colours and Artistic Hair should all support this look.

Outdoor shoots can be tricky to execute. You obviously can’t control the weather, so here in Bali we need to work with what we are given. To cope with wind on an exposed beach, Ksenia will pull back the models Hair out of her Face or in a similar style that works well with movement, so the model doesn’t have to fuss with it.

Bald heads "chrome domes" are a common challenge! Ksenia uses a fat makeup brush and loose powder to remove the shine. Three different shades of powder and three shades of foundation will cover a range in skin tones. And for facial shine - oil and sweat brought on by the heat and tension - a good foundation is important, because it covers blemishes and evens out skin color.

If you sense that you're going to be faced with Makeup challenges that are beyond your own abilities, it may be necessary to call in a professional such as Ksenia. This doesn't have to be as expensive as it sounds, as long as you're resourceful!

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Whatever your project or occasion is, I am here to help. I work with my clients to bring their visions to life. Through hair & make-up, the energy and vibe of your model, bride, or talent comes to life. I’m an expert in all styles of modern makeup, and can recreate any type of mood you desire.

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Kseniia Make up Artist

When I am not on a shoot, you can find me at Baliprod!

Jl. Pantai Pererenan no. 98C
Pererenan, Bali

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